Meet the Bums on Seats Team!

Amber Staynings

CEO and Founder

I started as a waitress in my teens, fell in love with hospitality and the people who work in it, and ended up owning my own company: Bums on Seats!“I really cannot believe that Bums is now over 5 years old. We survived the pandemic (just) through the extraordinary loyalty of the Bum’s team, and by keeping faith in our collective vision for a business based on honesty, passion, and self-belief. We continue to build our reputation across hospitality for securing proven returns on investment on behalf of many of the best- and well-known Operators in the UK…

Ed Christmas

Managing Director

Hailing proudly from the outskirts of Brighton, Ed embarked on his journey within the hospitality sector by working front of house in an independent venue for the best part of 5 years, where he acquired the knowledge and skills – as well as resilience – to help run…

Dee Sturgess

Director of Client Training

Dee is a highly sought-after Sales Consultant with over 25 years’ experience within the hospitality sector. Her extensive experience, which includes a background in multi-site management and national operations, gives her a strong understanding…

Olivia Gee

Head of Client Sales and Consultancy

From working with large scale restaurant and bar operations to edgy new start-ups in the hospitality sector, Rosie has the experience in the industry to offer the tools needed to create successful, profitable and enduring pre-booked Sales Strategies and Brand vision.

Will Nicholson

Head of Systems and Partnerships

Will has an extremely broad knowledge of the industry and as such is uniquely suited to manage the system and partnerships arm of Bums on Seats and help deliver an increase in pre-booked sales utilising and optimising the systems in place. 

Jess Hoskins

Business Development Manager

From working with independent groups and luxury boutique hotels to national gastropub giants, Jess’s multi-faceted background within the hospitality sector empower her to deliver profitable and sustainable pre-booked Sales Strategies.

Saul Weeden

Systems and Partnerships Manager

With 12 years of hospitality experience under his belt, including senior management roles, he is keen to offer his experience and understanding of the set-up and day to day usage of systems and technology to benefit pubs, restaurants and other enterprises in need of greater profitability and support. 

Emmy Signal

Junior Consultant

Emmy is a junior consultant here at Bums on Seats and started her hospitality journey at the age of 19 in Sweden. She then went to Miami to do a bartender course to extend her knowledge. After coming back to Sweden, she realised she wanted to learn more about hospitality in other countries.

Jennie Roe

Senior Sales Consultant

Jennie kickstarted her sales career with Mothership in 2010. Having spotted an opportunity to grow their revenue through pre-booked sales, she convinced the CEO she should temporarily move out of venue management to focus on both increasing and converting their Christmas enquires.

Chloe Dodd

Senior Sales Consultant

Chloe is an expert in the late-night entertainment and bars sector. Her work includes operations for multiple Revolution Bars venues and the prestigious Electric Ballroom in Camden and more recently as Head of Sales for Deltic Group/ Rekom UK.

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