Meet the Team

Amber Staynings

CEO and Founder

“I started as a waitress in my teens, fell in love with hospitality and the people who work in it, and ended up owning my own company: Bums on Seats!”

“I really cannot believe that Bums is now over 5 years old. We survived the pandemic (just) through the extraordinary loyalty of the Bum’s team, and by keeping faith in our collective vision for a business based on honesty, passion, and self-belief. We continue to build our reputation across hospitality for securing proven returns on investment on behalf of many of the best- and well-known Operators in the UK. Much of this has been hard won through my personal drive to reach the top of my chosen career, using my 20-year experiences and seniority (such as Head of Sales for Novus Leisure and LateNightLondon, Director of Sales for Drake & Morgan, and Sales & Marketing Consultant with The Deltic Group and Casual Dining Group) as the springboard for my own business. A journey of which I am so very proud!”

“I am also proud to be a woman and an entrepreneur, offering inspiration where I can to other females in particular. Combining this with a genuine love for people is everything, especially those in less fortunate positions, and helps explain why Bums on Seats is so closely aligned with the charity Only a Pavement Away. In early 2022 I joined other dedicated hospitality workers to cycle several hundred kilometres for charity in Jordon. ‘Pedalling for Pubs’ was one of the most exacting challenges of my life!”

“Above everything, my career has been characterised by a passionate belief in Hospitality and its influence on individual wellbeing and happiness. Being nominated for the Best Business Women Award 2020 was both astonishing and very welcome. If you love the industry like I do, you will understand why it became the centre point of my life!”

Amber was proud to be a finalist in the 2020 Best Business Women Awards for Best New Business.

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