Sales Growth Experts

Identify Opportunities.
Create Strategies.
Deliver Sales Growth.


We identify and analyse the areas of your business operation with the greatest opportunity for sales growth.

We write and develop a Sales or Marketing Plan that is specific to your business’ needs to drive profitable ‘bums on seats’.

A Bum into your business. We make it happen!

Our dedicated booking professionals will increase pre-booked sales volumes.

We are industry leaders in hospitality sales training.

We are a team of highly experienced Sales and Marketing experts, passionate about increasing your profitability and improving efficiency using proven sales opportunities.

Founded by Amber Staynings in January 2019, we are so proud to boast a diverse client portfolio that spans multisite UK wide corporate enterprises, as well as small independents and groups.

Our clients

“The most memorable moments of my life have often been spent in restaurants and pubs with those I love. It is imperative to me, at Bums on Seats, that we always demonstrate integrity, passion, individuality and fun, along with forging meaningful relationships with all of our clients.”

Bums on Seats CEO & Founder; Amber Staynings.

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