Amber Staynings Founded Bums on Seats in January 2019. Bums on Seats is the UK’s largest outsource hospitality sales agency based in London and Manchester. They provide sales training, business auditing and specialist consultancy to Hospitality & Leisure Operators UK wide.
“Eating and drinking out is an experience that should be available to all. The most memorable moments of my life have frequently been spent in restaurants and bars with those I love. It is imperative to me, at Bums on Seats, that we always demonstrate integrity, passion, individuality and fun, as well as forging meaningful relationships with all of our clients.”

Amber Staynings, Founder
Amber Staynings
Bums on Seats’ boast an impressive client portfolio spanning corporate enterprises as well as smaller independents, and (crucially) a flexible pricing model. We are a national company and have worked with venues as far as Edinburgh and all the way down to Exeter (and most major cities in-between). We have experienced Sales Consultants in both Manchester and London. We may be launching in a City near you so watch this space!
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Our Services

Sales Process and Systems Audit

Central Sales

Pre-Booked Sales Strategies

Outsourced Sales Managers

Pre-booked Sales Campaigns

Pick N' Mix Sales Training

Sales Consultancy

Third Party and National Accounts

  • Audit

    We work seamlessly within your business to review, audit and analyse key areas which are fundamental for any reservations/sales functions, be it site level or central.

  • Sales Training

    Our inspiring Training & Development workshops are tailored specifically for bars, restaurants, pubs & clubs.

  • Consultancy

    We are lucky to have an amazing team of experienced sales consultants, each with a wealth of knowledge and passion for the hospitality industry. Consultants can be placed within your business for an agreed period of time to drive sales and get those all important bums on seats!

  • Sales Re-opening Plans

    We have the expertise to lead you through this challenging time and create that all important pre-booked sales strategy which incorporates and identifies your sales opportunities, whilst ensuring we continue to put the customer first and drive guest loyalty.

Our Clients

Just some of the clients we've worked with



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