In January 2019, Amber Staynings set up the hospitality industry’s first – and now largest – outsource sales agency Bums on Seats, offering pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK pre-booked sales audits, industry leading Hospitality sales training, planning, consultancy, and white label sales teams.
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“Eating and drinking out is an experience that should be available to all. The most memorable moments of my life have frequently been spent in restaurants and bars with those I love. It is imperative to me, at Bums on Seats, that we always demonstrate integrity, passion, individuality and fun, as well as forging meaningful relationships with all of our clients.”

Amber Staynings, Founder
Amber Staynings
Bums on Seats’ boast an impressive client portfolio spanning corporate enterprises as well as smaller independents, and (crucially) a flexible pricing model. They are a team of 14 highly skilled and talented sales consultants based in both London and Manchester but working across the UK. 
Bums on Seats have 4 key pillars, which aim to Identify & Analyse, Upskill, Develop and Deliver those all-important pre-booked sales. All 4 Bum’s Pillars are dependent on one another. Although they exist and work independently, they also operate as a working cycle to give maximum, long term profitability. 
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Bums on Seats 4 pillars

  • Sales Audit

    We created sales audits for the sector as a way of enabling us to identify and analyse the areas of your business operation with the greatest opportunity for sales growth, including short term quick wins and longer-term strategic solutions.

  • Training

    The M.I.R.A.C.L.E. Sale is a comprehensive, industry-leading foundation course designed for entry level Sales and Marketing Executives and on-site operations teams.

  • Sales Plans

    We can develop a Sales Plan that is specific and targeted to your business’ needs that drives profitable pre booked sales. Our Sales Plans identity the opportunities specific to your site/ brand as well as relevant customer behaviour.

  • Consultancy

    Our consultants range from Sales Director to Sales Manager equivalent standing, and can be placed within your business for an agreed period of time to drive sales and deliver those all-important bums on seats!


Sales Process and Systems Audit

Central Sales

Pre-Booked Sales Strategies

Outsourced Sales Managers

Pre-booked Sales Campaigns

Pick N' Mix Sales Training

Sales Consultancy

Third Party and National Accounts

Our Clients

Just some of the clients we've worked with



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