Senior Sales Consultant

Jennie Roe

Head of Training & Events

Jennie kickstarted her sales career with Mothership in 2010. Having spotted an opportunity to grow their revenue through pre-booked sales, she convinced the CEO she should temporarily move out of venue management to focus on both increasing and converting their Christmas enquires. After trebling their prior year’s pre-booked revenue for December, she was invited to work from HQ to develop the new role further and build a team around her.

She has since amassed a wealth of knowledge as a consultant, helping venues and groups to increase their sales with remarkable success.

She has an in-depth knowledge of the best-practise process having audited, restructured, retrained and managed a team of up to 9 sales people across two cities. She has a passion for taking underused spaces with heaps of potential and creating profitable, on-brand packages for the wedding, corporate and occasion markets.

Since joining Bums on Seats, Jennie has worked with clients to improve their product, systems, marketing and sales training. She assisted CEO Amber Staynings with the development of “The M.I.R.A.C.L.E Sale” workshop – which has recently received endorsement from the Institute of Hospitality – and has been involved in the recruitment, training and mentoring of Amber’s team of Executive Consultants.

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