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Ed Christmas

Managing Director
Ed Christmas

Hailing proudly from the outskirts of Brighton, Ed embarked on his journey within the hospitality sector by working front of house in an independent venue for the best part of 5 years, where he acquired the knowledge and skills – as well as resilience – to help run a busy establishment. Not frightened of hard work, Ed took on additional jobs whilst graduating from the University of Manchester, remaining in the city for a stint in Sales and Recruitment, building teams, and gaining a reputation for success working with several clients in the public sector.

After deciding to make the move back South, Ed landed himself a role at DesignMyNight, helping to create – and then expand – the Account Management team threefold. Ed was also at the centre of managing key accounts from Yo! Sushi, City Pub Company and the Rank group. Ed also spent his time working with Development teams to build on API and webhooks with CRM systems Acteol and Airship, and other EPOS systems, such as Zonal and Access EPOS.

Since having been at Bums on Seats, Ed has been working with one of the biggest Tech companies in the hospitality industry on advising on product roadmaps based on what the market needs, especially in light of Covid-19. Ed has been the mastermind behind the Bums on Seats audits and health checks, creating, building and implementing them for Bums on Seats clients. Ed has also been responsible for building our partner portfolio and maintaining some key strategic partners within the sector.

Having acquired proven knowledge, skills and experience across the sector, Ed is ideally suited to manage the operational, systems and sales responsibilities of delivering profitable pre-booked sales, as well as promoting an enjoyable and welcoming experience for customers and clients alike.

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