Meet the Team

Dee Sturgess

Head of Learning & Development
Dee Sturgess

Dee is a highly sought-after Consultant with over 20 years’ experience within the hospitality sector. Dee has a proven track record managing multiple teams and brands within the late-night sector and creates smart sales development strategies for all areas of hospitality.

Dee is customer focused, with a passion for delivering both excellent guest experience and profitability for each business she works with. Dee has exceptional attention to detail, with a passion for understanding each individual business and their customer base uniquely.

Her extensive experience, which includes a background in venue and national operations, gives her a strong understanding of the challenges faced by site managers and their teams. Her effective team coaching, and strategic sales driving activities maintain both revenue growth and footfall.

We’re very lucky to have Dee on board as she is not someone you’ll ever want to let go (but you’ll have to eventually)!

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