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Saul Weeden

Saul Weeden​
Systems and Partnerships Manager

With 12 years of hospitality experience under his belt, including senior management roles, he is keen to offer his experience and understanding of the set-up and day to day usage of systems and technology to benefit pubs, restaurants and other enterprises in need of greater profitability and support. 

Saul thrives when problem solving and will always spare time to help others to the best of his ability. This benefits him within his role in the company as he continues to implement technology, analyse data, create custom weekly reports and deliver training for clients for a variety of booking platforms amongst other hospitality related technology.

Above all, he is passionate about both client and customer rapport based on genuine relationship building within the sector. Every problem has a solution and the curiosity drives him to deliver an answer. Central to this belief is a personality built on hard work, honesty, willingness to learn, and comfort with challenging targets.

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