the most inspiring films for entrepreneurs and future leaders.

The rise of entrepreneurs in the UK has been remarkable but sadly many fall at the first few hurdles. Clearly there are many obstacles along the way which test the motivation and drive of individuals. 

At Bums on Seats, we know that persistence and patience will pay off in the long run, and that success requires a keen eye on our goals as well as passion in order to succeed. 

For many an inspiring Movie can help provide the motivation to remain determined and focused. So Here are my top 7 choices that will make you want to move mountains as soon as you finish watching!

The purpose of this film is very simple: say yes to everything in life. The film teaches us about the benefits of positivity in our lives which often comes down to fun, danger and chaos as well as taking responsibility. Life is meant to be fully embraced and there is no room for a negative mindset. This movie is very light-hearted, perfect for a Sunday afternoon, full of laughs, and teaches a very important message you can apply to most situations in everyday life.

Available on Netflix.

Based on a true story and a classic. A charmer, played convincingly by Leonardo DiCaprio. 

When Frank Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) was 16 years old, he ran away from home and took a train to Penn Station in Manhattan. After forging cheques for a few months to survive, he started having trouble passing the bad ones off on banks. He then saw an airline pilot walk out of a hotel lobby and he realised that no one would question him if he was a pilot, “Because a pilot’s uniform is so powerful”. He then called Pan American airlines and told the operator the hotel dry-cleaning service lost his uniform and he needed a new one. Frank Abagnale flew over 1 million miles for free with that uniform. 

Available on Amazon (from £3.49).

Aka – how not to organise a festival. Let’s just say – as a hospitality professional working with sales and events – the whole documentary gave me chills and stressed me out a lot! The film offers some very important lessons for entrepreneurs, particularly anyone interested in using influencer marketing as a way of growing your audience and traffic. The message of the film is that you can hire the biggest influencers and celebrities, but that won’t necessarily guarantee your success. Always make sure you are fully capable of providing your customers with an impeccable experience.  

Available on Netflix.

One of the greatest lessons from this film is that you can usually overcome business problems through hard work and dedication. As the main character shows, sometimes even your friends and family will not believe in your product, and you need to build the empire yourself. I believe firmly that everyone should watch this film – especially all the ladies! Gender equality featured prominently in this movie. Ladies are indeed very successful entrepreneurs and can be fantastic leaders (hi Amber!).

Available on Amazon (£3.99 to rent).

One of the top business lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from this movie is that you should never be scared to aim high, and that things can get worse before they get better. It is an emotionally charged story so please have some tissues at the ready! 

Towards the end of the film when you see Chris Gardner still doing his best (after IRS took all his money for unpaid taxes) and he still takes the final exam at the brokerage firm, all he can do is wait. And we wait with him. No money, no place to go, his little son, and we just wait… And then the most intriguing moment arrives. We receive what we want after doing everything we can.

“Chris, was it easy?”

“No sir, it wasn’t.”

Available on Netflix.

The Hollywood blockbuster, based on the fairy-tale rise of Mark Zuckerberg and his university start-up, Facebook.The film explores that it’s not about who has an idea, but who can execute it. It’s also about visualising success as the only final result. Facebook only happened because Zuckerberg had confidence in his product and the vision, and drive, to make it all happen. Therefore, if you have a dream, you best believe you’re not the only one – but your job is to make it happen. We also get inspiration from Mark Zuckerberg’s decision not to allow advertising in the beginning. He had something great and didn’t want to sell it too quickly. It’s all about content and community building, and then revenue follows. 

Available on Netflix.

I believe this is one of the best movies ever made and definitely a must-watch for all entrepreneurs out there, especially for those of you in the Sales and Marketing industry.

This film shares a story about our favourite giant of a fast-food chain: McDonald’s. It’s about two brothers who started the Company and the person who delivered it to the world. All three of the founders were middle aged at the time that the company began to grow, proving that age doesn’t matter. It’s never too late!

Our No 1 Film demonstrates how motivation and drive will often lead to success, but recognising how cruel the business world can be if you are not assertive and strong-willed when delivering the message. The filmmakers also did a great job in capturing the story with flashbacks of real footage.

All of these Movies are connected by one thing: the need for entrepreneurs to stay determined, strong, and passionate about their idea in order to succeed. Just like Bums on Seats! 


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