Sober October – the lowdown on af drinks

Low & no alcohol drink trends are experiencing a massive growth in popularity.
An increase in quality, awareness and a rising in importance of the health & wellness are all huge factors which are fuelling the success of AF.

According to KAM Media, in the on-trade, sales of low and no alcohol beer is up 28% with non-alcoholic spirits up 400%! In the off-trade, in the past year, £43million was spent on low and no-alcohol beers.

Our amazing Associate Consultant Rosie has gone Sober for October, and ended up becoming quite the connoisseur of the AF drinks world! She’s put together a review of some of her faves.

Over to Rosie…

I decided to go AF as much as possible, mainly for my mental health. I felt that even having a couple of glasses a wine was turning into a habit rather than something I actually enjoyed. I used to be a big drinker in my 20’s, and I just felt like I was getting to a point in my life where I wanted to focus on myself a bit more- rather than focus on how I was going to get through another hangover!

Alcohol free beer and wine might not be for everyone; but if, like me, you do actually like the taste of alcohol then I can promise they’ll help to hit the spot- and no feeling rubbish in the morning! Here’s my round up of the best AF drinks I’ve found out there:

Rosie is going booze free for October.

Definitely the best fake G&T out there; the grapefruit option has a nice sharpness and a bitter taste which does a really good job of feeling ‘botanical’, so you do get a nice mini gin-buzz. My only downside is the sugar content; you’re looking at around 10g of sugar per bottle, which means the buzz can be followed by a bit of a crash. Serve ice cold, with a cucumber garnish, over ice.

Rating: 🍺 🍺 🍺

This is the trendiest AF spirit out there right now and I’ve really tried to like it. I know it’s not supposed to completely mimic any booze (the idea is that it’s an ‘instead of’, rather than a replacement), but I’m sorry Seedlip- it’s just not for me. Tastes like grass. Next.

Rating: 🍺

You’re in safe hands with most AF beers- they do a pretty good job of mimicking the real thing. Good flavour, hoppy but not too overbearing, the Nanny state is a great option if you’re looking for an easy drinker. Could perhaps be a little more flavoursome, but a nice option if you’re out with friends. Would pair well with a good burger.

Rating: 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺

Doombar 0%

Doombar is an ale, so if you don’t like ales then don’t bother going here. This particular one has strong chocolate malty tones, so for me it’s a bit more like a porter. Packs a punchy flavour, might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I can imagine it pairing well with beef or a good winter pie. Drink whilst wearing a cable knit jumper (obviously).

Rating: 🍺 🍺

Hoegaarden 0%

Your favourite fruity beer now comes without the alcohol! Fruity, fizzy, satisfying, it does a great job of mimicking the original. I kind of forgot how filling fruity beer is, so one can is more than enough for me. Nice, but you’d probably feel bloated after a few. I can imagine this going really well with traditional Belgian food- think Moule & frites.

Rating: 🍺 🍺 🍺

Becks Blue

The original AF beer, this has been around for TIME. We all remember BB as being the designated driver drink of choice back in the day. The verdict? It’s ok. Could definitely do with some more flavour, it’s a bit watery, but it doesn’t completely offend me. Meh.

Rating: 🍺 🍺

Freedamm Cervesa

This is a beer which feels like a proper holiday larger; it’s fizzy, it’s light, it’s got great flavour- and its gluten free! Does an excellent job of mimicking a real beer (I do think in a taste test you’d be hard pushed to know which was which) and it’s really good when made into a shandy or served with a wedge of lime. Also friendly to the wallet being about £3.50 for 4. Nice one!

Rating: 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺

Rosie's fave AF beer
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