Meet the Team

India Gill

“India’s hospitality career began 10 years ago, working behind the bar whilst at university in Edinburgh. Studying festival and event management, it seemed promising that a life in the events industry was the cards. After graduating, India joined the events team of Scotland’s largest hospitality group, organising street food festivals, converts and fringe comedy shows. She became known for her uncanny ability to delegate much of her role to the events team to focus on the sales & marketing of the venues instead. It was clear from this point that event management would (and should) no longer be her career focus.

In 2018 India chose to relocate to London looking for better career opportunities in her favourite city (sorry Edinburgh!). Her experience has since included business development, sales with a focus on marketing for a variety of venues including student bars, casual dining restaurants & large entertainment spaces. She is passionate about pristine branding, embellished sentences, cocktails and harnessing the power of digital marketing to boost customer engagement in innovative ways.

Her most recent roles have been as the Head of Marketing for hospitality groups in London before choosing to move to consultancy for the exciting and varied opportunities”


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