Meet the Team

Conor O'Sullivan

Conor’s journey into hospitality started at the young age of 16 in his native Ireland, working at his local pub.

Recognising that hospitality is such a crucial part of Irish culture, Conor decided to make this his career path, working his way up to senior roles within operations. After spending some time managing nightclubs, Conor took the jump and moved to Sydney Australia, bringing his high quality of customer service and genuine passion for the industry into running a busy Sushi restaurant.

Conor went on over the next couple of years working in various management roles across independent restaurants all over the UK, eventually finding his true passion for planning events such as corporate parties, weddings, and everything in between!

Conor is a true people person and thrives working in busy environments, making sure every little detail is adhered to. From his years of experience working in operations, Conor knows what makes a good business work, and can spot opportunities to upsell at every door!

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