Saul Weeden

My first taste of hospitality began at the age of 18 when I started working as a bartender!  After receiving multiple employee of the month awards, I moved to London and my career progressed further as I acquired new skills. Now with 9 years of hospitality experience under my belt Including senior management roles, I am keen to offer my experience and understanding of day to day operational delivery and larger scale sales techniques to benefit pubs, restaurants and other enterprises in need of greater profitability and support. 

Having started at the ‘bottom’ and worked in all sections of hospitality I have unique skills as well as insider knowledge of what it takes to increase sales. Often this starts by securing repeat customers using enthusiastic and skilled bar staff, right through to an understanding of the importance of consistency within a kitchen and support staff. This is only possible by having those around you who lead by example, drawing on management theory and practice based on ‘what works’, being inspirational, and putting everything possible into the job of making a customer’s experience uniquely enjoyable and rewarding. My previous roles, including valuable time within an independent company,  ensured that the business delivered an increasing profit. To being in charge of setting up and running corporate events, to increasing booking and foot traffic in the quieter periods of the year, these are just some of the skills which can ensure your own business thrives.

Above all, I am passionate about both client and customer rapport based on genuine relationship building within the sector.  Central to this belief is a personality built on hard work, honesty, being willing to learn, and comfortable with challenging targets. All this whilst building personal rapport with the customers and delivering profit!