Amber Staynings

This bio reflects a varied and fulfilling career over 20 years, without which I would not have formed my own company ‘Bums on Seats’ in January 2019, which is dedicated to bringing flair, innovation and drive to improvements in customer experience and greater profitability for UK wide Operators.

I am proud to come from a family of publicans, so it was a natural fit that my early career began at the age of 13 as a waitress, progressing in my late teens to Business Development & Account Management working within the industry supply chain with exposure into Brands such as Diageo and Greggs. By my early 20s I was one of the first Sales Managers with Novus Leisure. I worked exceptionally hard to establish a reputation for reliability, hard work, and keenness to learn, subsequently being promoted to run Late Night London. I acquired further skills in business development, relationship building and leadership. I then went on to become an Area Sales Manager for Novus, Director of Sales for Drake & Morgan and then a Sales & Marketing Consultant hired on long term contracts with The Deltic Group & Casual Dining Group. I am also proud of the way I have built genuine relationships within the sector, with an eye for spotting opportunities to make a difference and continue to be the ‘go to’ person in my field with the ability to spot trends and deliver improvements across the board for my clients.

Above all, my career has been characterised by a passionate belief in Hospitality and its influence on individual wellbeing and happiness. If you love the industry like I do, you will understand why it became the centre point of my life!