Aleksandra Chodup

Aleks is a driven and bubbly individual, who loves being around people and likes the unknown. She loves the hustle and bustle of the busy central London restaurants and bars, as well as the quiet little spots somewhere near the river. She loves being busy and keeps her calendar full, but is always up for a quick coffee with ex-colleagues and clients that have become friends.

Her hospitality career started almost five years ago, in the streets of Soho, where she was working as one of the waitresses for a busy Belgian restaurant. She has moved on to reservations and events shortly after, stayed and enjoyed every second of it. Being able to start in a junior position in the industry, has helped her learn about the front of house and understand how much hard work one needs to put in, in order to earn a returning customer.

Aleks is a team player and knows when to step aside and work on her own, especially during the busiest times of the year.

Aleks has initially dreamt of working in Politics and Law, but has completely changed her field when applying for an undergraduate course. Eventually she chose Advertising, Public Relations and Media and graduated with a 2:1!