White Label Sales Teams

Activate and Deliver
Hospitality Industry white label sales team
Our dedicated booking professionals will increase pre-booked sales volumes and ensure profitability.

Our experienced Guest Experience Team are dedicated bookings professionals who can deal with your business enquiries and drive bookings in your own brand identity. This will ensure the customer has a professional and memorable impression of your business – driving your revenue and reputation with a focus on the ‘repeat’ visit.

We can operate as a long-term solution for your business to maintain a highly professional, responsive, and consistent booking experience for customers, or for short term seasonal ‘high-volume’ campaigns. 

We are experienced industry experts with a genuine passion for the industry and are fully GDPR and DPA compliant.

How will this help your business?
Pre-booked sales are a proven way of counteracting low footfall in a competitive market with tight labour controls.
Never lose business through missing a phone call, an email or a cross-selling opportunity.
Allows operations teams to focus on great guest experience and on-site delivery.
We will allocate the right Guest Experience Team to your brand and train them on offers, products and upselling opportunities.
You will receive weekly sales reports on booked and pipeline business.

Going the extra mile...

  • Creation and implementation of Sales Plans with deliverable results from the Leadership Team.
  • Project Management for key campaigns requiring a proven return on investments, such as venue re-launches, new openings and Christmas.
  • Setting up and managing proactive outreach, sales driving activities, third party business and B2B relationships.
  • Creating and implementing loyalty recognition schemes and campaigns.

Describe Bums on Seats in 3 words:

“Professional, Experts, Adaptable- quite simply, they get results.”

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Kiran Quinn

Marketing Director - Greene King

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