Strategic Audits and Health Checks

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Set the foundation for growth and build business resilience with Bums Strategic Audits and Health Checks.

Our Strategic Sales and Marketing Health Checks will identify the opportunities for sales growth.

We offer five types of Health Checks so you can pick what is right for your business: Systems, Customer Experience. Internal Process, Sales toolkit & Marketing. 

We will identify clear actions that can be implemented straight away to improve efficiency leading to increased sales.


A Bums on Seats Strategic Sales Audit © will analyse in detail your end-to-end sales processes and systems set up.

We created Strategic Sales and Marketing Audits for the sector as a way of enabling us to identify the tangible areas of your business operation with the greatest opportunity for sales growth, including short term quick wins and longer-term strategic solutions.

Due to our successful expertise in this crucial area, our Strategic Sales and Marketing Audits have a reputation in the industry for unearthing opportunities and solutions to increase revenue and like-for-like sales growth.

Our Audits are reviewed across 4 main headings to determine our findings and present these back to you at the end of the project.

Hospitality industry sales & business development experts.

How will this help your business?

  • It will identify the most efficient and beneficial ways to secure customer loyalty and organic growth.  
  • It will determine the best opportunities for quick wins and longer term business resilience and sales.
  • It will improve your pre-booked sales and customer experience, as well as your efficiency.
  • Without an Audit you will not be able to effectively plan, activate and deliver your maximum opportunity for sales.
“We asked Bums on Seats to come and do a review of the booking process at Duck and Rice. We knew there were gaps in our efficiency despite the restaurant being extremely busy. Amber identified through her review some real opportunities to become more efficient which would have increased our covers and also suggested new sales opportunities...”

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