We are lucky to have an amazing team of experienced sales consultants, each with a wealth of knowledge and passion for the hospitality industry.

Consultants can be placed within your business for an agreed period of time to drive sales and get those all important bums on seats!

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What We Know
  • Sales activity must be consistent and focused on long term relationships rather than quick fixes, (such as discounts) to drive customer loyalty, repeat visits, and profitable sales throughout the year. 
  • Sales activity is best undertaken by a trained and experienced professional who understands the process and has the appropriate skills and enthusiasm for the job. 
  • We are in a very competitive market. Hospitality businesses can not thrive on profitable trade over just two or three days a week. 
  • We see greater success when focused on 3 or 4 tasks  relentlessly driven forward, rather than a scatter gun approach.
  • Innovate & be focused on the ‘customer experience’. 
  • Pre-booked sales are a proven way of counteracting low footfall in a competitive market with tight labour controls.
Why Us:
  • Working with us will ensure this project is not only a success, but works to exceed expectations.
  • Working with us will give you the peace of mind that this project is in the safe hands of an experienced, trained and skilled professional(s). 
  • Working with us will ensure a pro-active approach to this project in order to become a profitable asset for your business and achieve your objectives.
  • Working with us will ensure operational buy-in from the current team on site. This is critical for delivering excellent service and  gaining repeat profitable business.
White Label Sales Teams
What is a White Label Sales Team? 
An outsource sales team you don’t need to manage, train or pay on-costs for, that comes to you ready made, and matched to your operation for maximum impact and efficiency. 
Aims & Objectives of a WLST:


  • To increase LFL sales growth across all sites.
  • To increase pre-booked sales’ volumes and ensure profitability,
  • To increase spend per head via up-selling and securing pre-orders.
  • To deliver excellent customer service and guest experiences for repeat bookings and customer loyalty.
  • To manage your booking system and ensure it’s used effectively and to its full functionality.
  • To assist with the operational running of the sites through table turning times, pre-ordering, excellent internal communication and customer feedback.
  • To manage and grow all third party relationships.
  • To be a team of self-starters and experts, who run the department with minimum  need for administration or management.
  • To agree customer journey for booking and enquiry process.
  • To build trust for long standing customer relationships.
  • To capitalise on every opportunity aligned with the overall company vision.
  •  To understand and follow the company culture.
Experienced Conultants

Associate Consultants:

Our Associate Consultants are Hospitality Sales experts, with a wealth of knowledge and experience across the sector, and each with their own area of proven expertise.


Executive Consultants:

Our Executive Consultants are experienced Sales Managers who can be placed into your venue(s) for an agreed period of time to drive sales and build key local or National relationships.


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