Meet the Team

Reena Chand

Head of Client Sales

A natural in her expertise! Reena is an experienced sales driven, tenacious, dynamic and driven individual who is constantly striving for success delivered through long term planning, quality delivery and excellent people management skills.

She comes with great passion for sales and events and moved from Oxford to London 6 years ago to pursue her career in the heart of the country. With 13 years of experience in sales and being a people manager, Reena has developed a keen knowledge and brings a wealth of experience and a multitude of contacts throughout the industry

Her extensive sales experience has given her the knack to identify new and existing sales opportunities and to build a plan that will ensure success.

In addition, working as a people manager for the last 13 years, she has the ability to look within a team, identify individual strengths and development areas to get the best out of the team whilst driving sales.

She has grown to become an expert in developing a business; she puts in the hard work to build, nurture and maintain sales teams and business relationships. She has worked extensively with third parties, agents and corporate companies all over the country and shown massive spikes in revenue through this work and has in turn built a reputation that she takes pride in.

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