Meet the Team

Amber Staynings


I have many highlights in my life of which I am proud and have taken every opportunity to progress and make a positive impact in a sector which is my one true love. Having spent over 20 years in the hospitality sector – beginning as a waitress and progressing to various roles such as Head of Sales for Novus Leisure and LateNightLondon, Director of Sales for Drake & Morgan, and Sales & Marketing Consultant with The Deltic Group and Casual Dining Group – I have an enduring love of the sector which has motivated me throughout my working life.

Forming Bums on Seats in January 2019 was the culmination of a period of hard work, learning from others including many exceptional mentors, and self-belief. My close family and friends have always been inspiring, encouraging me to take risks, embrace new ideas, and above all, enjoy the moment!

I attended seven different schools across the UK as my family embraced new challenges, experiencing both state and private education on my journey, a fact which cemented my love of forming new friendships whilst staying loyal to others. For me, people are everything in life. Ensuring that Bums on Seats was closely aligned with the charity Only a Pavement Away was one of my proudest moments. Seeing the Bums on Seats workforce grow to become inspiring loyal members (the Bums family) was another.

I worked enthusiastically to embrace a range of different skills, including business development and leadership, and enjoyed building genuine relationships within the sector, with an eye for spotting opportunities to make a difference and continue to be the ‘go to’ person in my field with the ability to spot trends and deliver improvements across the board for my clients.

My reputation across hospitality has grown to the point where I now host many different forums to inspire others and support venues struggling under lockdown and beyond. Being nominated for the Best Business Women Award 2020 was both astonishing and welcome!

Above everything, my career has been characterised by a passionate belief in Hospitality and its influence on individual wellbeing and happiness. If you love the industry like I do, you will understand why it became the centre point of my life!

Amber was proud to be a finalist in the 2020 Best Business Women Awards for Best New Business.

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